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Honoré Daumier DR 857


Order number: DR 857

Artist: Honoré Daumier

Technique: Lithography

Series: Silhouettes

Publication: Le Charivari

Publications date: 05.05.1841

Original text: LE DISTRAIT.

Cet artiste revient du salon, et saisi d’une inspiration sublime il s’approche de sa toile;

tout à coup les tons les plus suaves; les effets les plus piquans, la touche la plus délicate promettent un chef-d’œuvre; deux, trois, quatre heures se passent, la postérité l’appelle,

il est grand comme le Titien, comme Michel-Ange … puis son imagination se calme,

le voilà maître de lui même oh douleur! ….. il n’a fait que remuer les doigts, il n’avait

pas pris son pinceau.

Translation: The Absent-minded.

This artist, after having been to the Salon, is seized by a sublime inspiration and approaches his canvas. All of a sudden, tones of music, the most piquant effect the most delicate touch promising a masterpiece. 2,3,4 hours gone by and to postereity is left something as appealing like a Titian, Michelangelo.....Afterwards, once his excitement has subsided, he realizes..... he had fogotten to use the brush.

Condition: very good

Description: The condition of this paper is very good: it only has an almost invisible fold and a spot on the margin of the illustration. Apart from that, it is in a very good condition.

Back side: printed

Illustration size: approx. 7,2 x 7,7 inches

Paper size: approx.9,7 x 14 inches


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